Wednesday - November 1, 2017
Week 44

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10/24/2017 - 11/16/2017 Beat the Flu at SFU
8:00 AM
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Winter is coming! You are prepared? Check out Winterfest on Wednesday, November 1st in Convocation Mall to learn tips to stay safe and informed this season. Also warm up with hot chocolate, cookies, and enter to win great prizes. This event is FREE. More at:
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM The 15th Annual Ellen M. Gee Memorial Lecture Series in Gerontology presents: Dr

RSVP here - “Healthy aging: The interface of sensory, cognitive and social factors” A common goal of gerontologists, including health professionals and policy makers, is to promote successful aging. Active engagement in communication and social interaction can help to achieve successful aging. However, successful aging can be challenged by sensory loss and by other chronic health conditions, notably cognitive impairment or dementia, that can interact with sensory loss to compromise communication and social interaction. Cognitive declines interact with sensory declines in healthy older adults who do not have clinical significant impairments in either domain. Strikingly, mounting evidence suggests that clinically significant sensory impairment is also associated with dementia and predicts incident dementia. Various mechanisms are hypothesized as possible explanations for the links between sensory loss and dementia. Social psychological factors may offer a key to understanding these links. Stigma, self-efficacy, social support, isolation and loneliness may be causes and/or consequences of sensory and cognitive aging. Future research, including research arising from the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging and the Canadian Consortium on Neuro-degeneration in Aging, is needed to discover the nature of these connections. Translational research is needed to determine if rehabilitative interventions for sensory loss could contribute to slowing down or staving off dementia. New community-based approaches to promoting good communication and social interaction for successful, active aging may enrich age-friendly health promotion initiatives. Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings St., Vancouver Room 7000 Vancouver, BC
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SFU History Reads: Martin Luther
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