Saturday - November 18, 2017
Week 46

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11/04/2017 - 11/24/2017 SCA Tour with Dean Lastoria
11/15/2017 - 11/21/2017 Open Learning Week
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10:00AM - 6:00PM Media Democracy Day: Solutions Media

Join us for our 16th annual *FREE* public conference! Vancouver and its region as a hotbed of Solutions Media makers who are using the power of media and technology to advance social change. This year, Media Democracy Day invites leading thinkers and practitioners in solutions media, from academic and videographers to technologists and activists, to share their skills and offer their perspectives on the meaning and potential of this emerging field of communication.
Wells Hill Discourse: Glenn Gould

Discourse on Glenn Gould: Saturday, November 18, 1-4 PM Hosted by Owen Underhill, composer, conductor, artistic director, and SFU SCA faculty member. The presentation will explore connections between the musical evolution of Glenn Gould (1932 – 1982) in relation to his two famous ‘early’ (1955) and ‘late’ (1982) recordings of the Goldberg Variations. His genius as a performer in the weaving of counterpoint (simultaneous lines of music) in contemporary music and baroque music, and his use of recording technologies and collage in his trilogy of “contrapuntal radio” documentaries entitled The Solitude Trilogy. The presentation will include audio examples of his performance, radio documentaries and excerpts from the CBC/PBS film entitled The Idea of North. Insights and anecdotes derived from CBC producers who interacted with Glenn Gould in Toronto during his final decade will be included, as well as commentary on Gould’s recording and editing practice following his break with live performance. This is one of two events, part of a series of auxiliary activities for Action at a Distance: "Wells Hill", a dance co-presentation by of SFU Woodward's Cultural Program, DanceHouse and SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.
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