Thursday - November 30, 2017
Week 48

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11/22/2017 8:00pm - 12/02/2017 nómadas by Henry Daniel with Adam Basanta and Sammy and Shanghan Chien
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From Big Ideas to a Practical Research Plan

From Big Ideas to a Practical Research Plan: Turning your Ideas into a Research Project and Proposal The workshop will be led by Professor Ellen Balka, and will cover: 1) practical strategies for moving from having a general interest in a topic to a ‘doable’ research question 2) how to write a thesis proposal (and why it is important to do so Admission: Free Location: Harbour Centre Room 2245 RSVP by November 21
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM SFU Philosophers' Café

Series of unique events. Rigged: How is the universe, the “system” and your life, rigged or not? Co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library Thu, 30 Nov 2017 2:00 PM Vancouver Public Library (South Hill branch), 6076 Fraser Street | 604-665-3965 Moderator Meguido Zola was completely unknown until 19-mumble-mumble. Then he was born. Even then, he continued to be unknown but to a select few. Today though, he is seldom mistaken for anyone else. His name, Meguido, means “storyteller” and he is, among many things, a professional storyteller, performance poet and award-winning writer for children and young adults. Following a career school-teaching in various parts of the world, he’s been a teacher-educator and professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University for over three decades, completing a three-year tenure as the director of Professional Programs. He holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). When Meguido coaches his heart sings and his soul soars! Admission: Free. Registration not required. Duration: 90 mins
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