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  1. All events in this calendar must be open to the public.

  2. From the first pull-down menu of calendar names, select the calendar where you would like your item to appear. ("SFU events calendar" is the main calendar on the website.)

  3. Using the second pull-down menu ("Event Type"), select the category that you think best describes your event.

  4. In the field for "Contact Name", please enter your name as a contact for the event, and your phone number. If you yourself will not be the main contact, then please give THAT person's name and phone number IN ADDITION, and specify that they are the "main contact".

  5. You must enter an SFU e-mail address, for the main contact, in the "Contact email" field. This MUST be an SFU e-mail address.

  6. In the long "event description" field, you can type additional information about your event. Pertinent information you may want to include here would be details on the location, info on a speaker or host or discussion leader etc., special info on and for attendees, and details of ticket pricing. If admission to your event is FREE, please say so.

Note: The calendar is open to the general public.. To them, a location such as "AQ3100" is meaningless. Please spell out such locations: "Burnaby campus, Academic Quadrangle building, Room 3100."
When you've filled in all the info, click on the "Submit event" button. That will send your listing to the administrator of the calendar you chose.
Thanks for making our calendar more complete. Please fill in the form below to add your event.

Please note that your event will not show on the calendar until approved by the calendar administrator.

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